Sunday, July 31, 2011


I will be doing a shout out section in my new video (released late Tuesday/early Wednesday)
To win one of the two spots in my video as a shout out you must leave a comment saying the following..

-Be a subscriber to my youtube channel (click here)
-Say why you deserve a spot in the shout out list
-What your favorite video of mine is
-Request a video

I will be choosing the winners on Tuesday August 2nd at 3pm and uploading the video soon after. I will inform the winner prior to the video being uploaded.

Love :)

Well beautiful people I am off to see my boyfriend! I will be gone until probably Tuesday night. I am so excited because I have not seen him for almost 3 weeks, boo. Hopefully we will do some exciting things and I will update you guys when I get back, maybe I'll even have a mini haul. :)

Have a good Monday & Tuesday all!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


So I need some advice from anyone who can give it to me! I am going to be doing glue on nails for the wedding I'm going to; I also plan to put the stickers on them from Sally Hansen. What are some brands that are known to stay on a long time? What kind of glue should I use? Any other tips to keep my fake nails on longer?
If you have any ideas please post them as a comment!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Long Wearing Makeup!

If you have been keeping up with my youtube you know that I am going to my first wedding soon! So I have decided to do experiments with my makeup and see what I could find to be the best long wearing makeup for the occasion. I decided that 10 hours would be a good test and that the only thing I could re-touch is my lipstick, with eating and drinking its impossible to keep lipstick on for 10 hours! Considering I was outside in the rain, and I tend to touch my face a lot I don't the the end results were too shabby!
So here are the results for the best so far..
Hour 1

Hour 10

The only thing I may also want to touch up is bronzer since I look much more pale here and it would help me look awake!

What do you guys think??

Tiny12dancerr Favorite!

I am in LOVE with this nail polish! It is the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in the color 370 'No Hard Feelings'
These nail polishes are super affordable for Sally Hansen, I believe mine was around $5.00! These polishes go on with only 1 coat and are shiny and thick. Amazing quality, I suggest everyone try's them out!

Picture Perfect Makeup!

School picture day, weddings, formal dances, graduations, anytime your getting your photo taken this makeup tutorial is GREAT! It shows how to contour your face and highlight the features you want highlighted in your photos!

Tiny12dancerr Favorite!

Favorite posts are saved for my favorite looks, products, brands, etc. Keep an eye out for these posts because you never know to expect!
My first favorite is an everyday smokey eye. I feel like a smokey eye can really do wonders for everyone! They can be worn casually, for an interview, or even for a date! This look is one of my favorites to do for school, work, shopping, and any everyday activity!

Products used to achieve this look:

Clinique Touch Base Eye Primer in 10

Hard Candy Eyeshadow Duo in 057 Peace

Maybelline Gel Liner in Blackest Black

Rimmel Glam’Eye Mascara in Black 001 Black

Softlips Pearl Tinted Lip Moisturizer

L’oreal Color Juice in 115 Bubble Gum

Check out the tutorial video to see exactly how I do it!

Mark Cosmetics!

Hello beautiful people!
This is an exciting post for me to do because I love this brand! I am a mark representative which means that you can go to my website and purchase mark cosmetics from me without having to book a party, find a representative in your town, or go through another person to receive these products! Its as simple as shopping on my website, and having the order shipped directly to you!
Right now there is free standard shipping with any order over 30 dollars! Just use the code MARKFS30 during checkout!

Happy shopping!!


Hey everyone! Thanks so much for checking out my beauty blog on blogspot! :) I am trying to convert all of my tutorials and blogs from tumblr to blogspot because I feel as if this will be easier to work with and I will be able to do more on here!
In the meantime while this is being worked on check out my youtube channel!