Monday, August 8, 2011

20 Habits That Make You Fat--Eek!

Avoid Bad Habits!

I receive Eat This Not That emails in my and I just thought I would share this article with you!

1. Eating "Low-Fat" Foods.
Why? They only save a few calories and replace fats that wouldn't really harm you with carbs that don't help at all! This can create a sugar rush and ultimately make you hungry faster.

2. Not Seeking Nutritional Help
Why? Its obvious! If you aren't really trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. Sleeping Too Much/Too Little
Why? The optimal amount of sleep for maintaining a healthy weight is 6-7 hours.

4. Eating Free Restaurant Foods.
Why? By eating these usually carbohydrate filled foods you can add 150-450 calories to your meal, causing you to overeat once you receive and eat your meal.

5. Drinking Soda--Even Diet!
Why? Drinking 1-2 sodas each day increases your chances of becoming overweight by 33%.  Diet soda is no better, people who drank diet watched their waistlines increase 5 times more than those who didn't drink it at all.

6. Skipping Meals.
Why? Skipping a meal slows your metabolism down and raises your hunger. Your body is in prime fat storage mode.

7. Eating too Quickly.
Why? It takes your stomach 20 minutes to tell your stomach that it is full, eating to quickly your stomach will not realize it is full until too late.

8. Watching too Much TV.
Why? While watching TV it is easy to mindlessly snack, keeping your hands occupied reduces this.

9. Ordering a Combo Meal.
Why? You are more likely to buy more food than you want, and overeating is easy.

10. Going to a Buffet.
Why? Over eating is inevitable at buffets. Facing your back to the food can help you not fixate on certain dishes.

11. Eating off of a Larger Plate.
Why? Again more food, more calories!

12. Putting the Serving Dishes on the Table.
Why? When you see the food right in front of you, you're more likely to go for seconds, and less likely if you have to get up to get them.

13. Choosing White Bread.
Why? White bread does not have the nutritional value that whole grain breads do, therefore you are going to become more hungry faster.

14. Taking Big Bites.
Why? You consume more calories and if you cut your bites in half you will eat slower, realizing your fuller faster.

15. Not Drinking Enough Water
Why? Water prompts a metabolic boost which can get rid of 50 calories a day!

16. Having Overweight Friends
Why? You are more likely to be exposed to overeating and engage in it yourself. Don't think you have to stop being friends! Just suggest healthier foods and activities to eat and do!

17. Eating too Late.
Why? When eating after 8pm you can take in most of your daily calories and your stomach has a harder time digesting food when it is in sleep mode.

18. Avoiding a Scale.
Why? Looking at your weight reinforces weight loss, and this makes it different to cheat on your diet and reach your goals. Don't be thrown off by natural fluctuations!

19. Drinking Fruity Beverages.
Why? Most of these have syrups and not fresh fruit. These syrups are filled with sugars and calories!

20 Emotional Eating.
Why? You will take in more calories than you need for the day and most likely the foods won't be very nutritious for you! Chew gum or drink a glass of water with fresh fruit in it!

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