Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sweet Tooth? No Problem!

I am guilty of having a terrible sweet tooth. If I could sit on my butt and eat Reeces cups all day I definitely would. This is a great mid day snack that I find curbs my sweet tooth and fills me up until dinner.
What I really like about this dish is that it is so simple but so delicious!

1 Serving of Vanilla Soy Yogurt (Vanilla Greek Yogurt if you prefer, I am just lactose intolerant)
5 Strawberries
Arrange as you like.

So simple!
I really like to dip my strawberries into the vanilla yogurt and eat them as if I'm eating a chocolate covered strawberry (or vanilla!)
Make sure you purchase a yogurt with probiotics because they are great for your digestive health!


  1. I have been LOVING strawberries this summer :)
    Amazing little snack! So simple, but most of the best foods are :)
    Stella Rose
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  2. Ooh, thanks for sharing, I have a sweet tooth too ^^ I love love love chocolate and icecream :3

  3. btw: I followed your blog already :)

  4. Hah thanks! I followed yours too :)